The Canadian Co-operative Investment Fund is an evergreen fund that exists to support Canadian co-operatives that are creating lasting impact across all sectors. CCIF is designed to address a gap in the co-operative sector’s access to loans, equity and quasi equity investments. Investing in the Canadian Co-operative Investment Fund creates lasting benefit to Canadian communities while providing a financial return.

Our investments are guided by our investment policy:


CCIF does not invest in financial institutions or credit unions.


Our investors include credit unions, co-operative associations and other institutions.
  • Affinity Services Group Inc.
  • Arctic Co-operatives Ltd.
  • Assiniboine Credit Union Limited
  • Atlantic Central
  • Caisses Populaire Alliance Limitée
  • Canadian Worker Co-operative Federation
  • Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada
  • Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada
  • Concentra Bank
  • Connect First Credit Union Ltd.
  • Desjardins Financial Holding Inc.
  • Freedonia
  • Kindred Credit Union Limited
  • Servus Credit Union
  • The Co-operators Group Limited
  • Vancouver City Savings Credit Union


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