Strengthening Canadian co-operatives by providing access to innovative capital.

Canadian Co-operative Investment Fund


Is helping Canadian co-operatives grow by providing access to much-needed capital

The Fund

Provides alternative financing for co-operatives that are creating long-term community benefits throughout Canada


With our borrowers and our investors, we are generating lasting impact across Canada and improving the strength of the co-operative sector


To existing credit union and other financing sources

“The Canadian Co-operative Investment Fund is a new source of alternative financing for co-operatives across Canada. It works collaboratively to bridge gaps in access to capital for co-operative enterprises so they can realize their goals and strengthen their communities. It is a great initiative lead by co-operatives investing in and supporting co-operatives.”

Andy Morrison, President


Our team of experts is dedicated to helping co-operatives create lasting impact in their communities.


Co-operative Ownership

The Canadian Co-operative Investment Fund was founded and established by Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada, a member driven association that supports, promotes and unites co-operative and mutual organizations. CCIF is a Limited Partnership with CCIF GP as its co-operative General Partner.



Our work with Four Feathers’ Housing Co-operative facilitated the creation of 33 new affordable housing units for Indigenous community members of southern Ontario.

Four Feathers Housing                    Co-operative

London, ON

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Our work with Sudbury Downtown Independent Cinema Co-operative helped the co-op to bridge its capital campaign funding to retrofit an empty gymnasium into a state-of-the-art digital cinema.

Sudbury Downtown Independent Cinema Co-operative

Sudbury, ON

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Our work with Sumac Community Worker Co-operative helped the co-op to refinance its loans and improve its financial capacity to allow for future growth planning.

Sumac Community Worker                Co-operative

Guelph, ON

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